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PhoneSheriff Spy Phone Software Review

Parental Control Software

Block Specific Phone Numbers from Communicating

Although your child’s cellular phone may very well be a necessity, it can possibly become an addictive way to communicating with the outside world. Sending text messages has become the next new fad involving young people worldwide. Some teenagers send out possibly twenty five texts every couple of hours. And we should keep in mind the typical favorite of gabbing on the phone for hours on end. Usually these forms of actions usually are harmless enough, yet have a potential to become unsafe.

Whenever you  block your child from connecting with specific phone numbers, then PhoneSheriff enables you to do just that. It is possible to decide to block SMS text messages, phone calls or both for any number. In addition to blocking, PhoneSheriff also documents all texts and specifics of each call. This can supply you with more information about which numbers might have to be blocked. You may add and remove blocked numbers and constraints at any time.

Track Your Kids by GPS

Does your son or daughter skip school? Do they tell you the truth about exactly where they’re going? Previously there was no way to monitor a kid’s location without installing some sort of GPS vehicle tracking system in their automobile. This is no longer needed using the newest smartphones which have a GPS receiver . The GPS inside of mobile devices operate quite like  your vehicle’s GPS. It may show you a location anytime.

Using PhoneSheriff, you can utilize the GPS receiver in your teen’s smartphone to act as a covert GPS tracker. Any time PhoneSheriff is working it catches and uploads GPS positions every half an hour. You can also get Immediate tracks with no fees by sending a concealed Sms message to your child’s cell phone. The monitored cellphone won’t show anything at all on screen. You will get a response message revealing the coordinates at that specific time which can be useful.

Monitor SMS Texts and Call Information

Today’s tech-savvy kid has every one of the perils of the net at their disposal. However an additional risk lies in the form of text messaging. A common trend among today’s teenagers is known as sexting. Sexting is texting of a sexual nature. According to a nationwide survey by The National Campaign, 48% of teens have received a sext message.  But just how can a parent realize if their teen is sexting or worse? Now there is a good way to protect your son or daughter.

PhoneSheriff lets you fully record the actions of your kid’s cellphone. It can make total logs of each and every text message incoming/outgoing, and logs crucial information regarding every call. The records don’t depend upon the cell phone’s internal logging system, therefore if your son or daughter deletes their logs it’s not going to matter much. You are able to still look at every single message and call from the PhoneSheriff interface on the phone OR in a secure internet account.


Spy Phone Software Review: Important Factors

Tracking and monitoring will protect your kids or workers to determine that they are being responsible. The very best spy phone software comes with capabilities for overall monitoring, logging and security. As you review your options, keep in mind that you need physical possession of the mobile you spy on to install the software, and the phone/device needs to have internet access.

Monitoring and tracking by parents and employers is completely legitimate.

Logging and Reporting

Logging and Reports

Effective reporting and logging capability really should be a key concern any time shoppers try to find spyphone smartphone apps. Go with programs that registers all forms of phone activities, like inbound and outbound voice calls, text messages, web surfing, multimedia. It is also a good idea to be able to read address books and contact info. The top applications also log URLs and any email messages the person sends or receives and track the phone location using GPS.


Phone Spy App Functions

Trusted spy phone apps are able to block web addresses and apps, set usage restrictions, and forward notifications whenever your teens or personnel try to search subjects such as drugs, violence, gambling et cetera.

Security and Tracking

Cell Phone Spy App Tracking and Security

Trusted spy phone smartphone apps encrypt the data transmitted from the device to your web account.  A few solutions can send an alert in the event that the SIM card is changed in the cell phone. Most can locate the phone location using GPS.


Help & Support

Our review wouldn’t be in depth without reviewing service.  

PhoneSheriff Review: Support

This PhoneSheriff Spy Phone Review would not be detailed without checking customer support.  The good news is the vendor is well-established and backs the app with excellent customer service solutions if any questions or problems crop up ahead of ordering and while you may be using the software package. The Mobile Spy website offers a user manual with instructions on how to use the methods and functionality and there is a customer service knowledgebase and in depth FAQ section. The vendor supplies email, telephone and live chat support.  Before you buy it, a helpful compatibility guide plainly shows what useful functionality is available with different kinds of devices and you can see a live demo from the PhoneSheriff website.

PhoneSheriff is compatible with Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian phones. It sends to you detailed phone logs, text message reports, pictures and videos, internet history, address book information and more. You can use it to block websites and apps. You can filter through the data and even set up keyword alerts. PhoneSheriff has GPS tracking as well as remote controls if you need to wipe or lock the phone.